Digital Twin

“With our solution, we create a digital twin of the physical grid. This gives municipal utilities and grid operators a flexible tool for calculating capacity and optimizing low and medium voltage networks.”

Dr. Jonas Danzeisen, co-founder of Venios

Double benefit with digital twins

Do you remember movies with time travel, like “Back to the Future”? With digital twins, such time travel is possible. You can play through real scenarios and see what effects they will have in the future.

Venios creates a digital twin that acts as a data hub. Here, all network-relevant data from the geoinformation, network control and energy data management systems are bundled. With the virtual clone of reality, planning, simulation and manipulation can be carried out in real time. Without impacting real network operations.

Venios.NET, for example, provides a “live view” of the low and medium voltage network. One can immediately see the effects of connecting a photovoltaic system or an e-mobility charging box on the grid.

The digital twin saves time, reduces risks and costs, automates processes and optimizes energy flows. It can even ensure that less balancing energy has to be used. As a result, the use of the software pays for itself in less than 2 years.