Hybrid Grids

“In Styria, or more precisely in the Hartberg region, Venios was a companion in a pioneering research project. The aim was to test the linking of urban electricity, natural gas and district heating networks to create functional electricity storage systems. In the process, surplus electrical energy was to be made available for later applications via decentralised storage.”

Here’s how it works in the virtual pumped storage power plant

By combining and controlling the decentralised consumers and producers in a virtual power plant, the electricity, heating and cooling grids were interconnected.

Venios implemented grid condition monitoring and generated options for action in the project. From self-consumption to the marketing of energy on power exchanges and the balancing energy market, the optimal scenario was determined in each case. It was possible to generate schedules for the optimised control of the plants, which took both grid operation and efficient plant utilisation into account. The research project ended successfully after three years.