Saving energy with sector coupling

“Anyone looking down on Zurich from the Uetliberg sees a piece of the future: Greencity. Each resident of the urban quarter consumes only 2,000 watts a year. We have optimized the energy flow and coupled and controlled the various sectors of mobility, heat and electricity. In short, the future sector coupling works with Venios.”

René Kersten, Corporate Development Executive at Venios

“Is it possible?” is outdated. Today it works!

Switzerland’s first 2000-watt site is economic efficiency and ecology in symbiosis. In this unique project, Venios and its partners show how intelligent and sustainable ecological energy supply can be consistently integrated into the distribution grid.

A multitude of status information is recorded and analysed in real time and thus the distribution grid is managed. The grid operator has detailed knowledge of the energy situation and the load status of the Greencity grid area, which operates largely autonomously, at all times. The interconnection of charging infrastructure for electric mobility, PV generation and heat pumps is operated optimally so that the load on the existing grid infrastructure in the upstream grid is reduced to a minimum. Automated and cost-efficient! While many are racking their brains about sector coupling, you can make life easy for yourself with Venios.