Fully automated network operation

„The faster we automate grid operation in Germany, the better. To achieve this, the electricity grid must be made intelligent and fit for the integration of electromobility and fluctuating renewable energies. Only in this way can grid operation be optimised and respond to bottlenecks in a fully automated manner.“

René Kersten, Corporate Development Executive at Venios

Moving into the future with smart meters

This is exactly what we have been able to practise in Saarlouis. In the first step, 1,500 households have been equipped with smart meters from Hausheld AG. The smart meter data is transmitted securely and anonymously to Venios.NET and used to calculate grid capacities.

With the data supplied and the Venios.NET software, it is possible to access the flexibility in the grid in a fully automated way. Surpluses are used to serve the grid. Active control is carried out taking into account the BDEW traffic light system.