The future in real time

Venios makes the world of energy networks simpler. Evaluate current events in real time and look ahead at the same time. Identify necessary measures and implement them automatically. Plan for the future while taking regional developments into account. 

All this is possible: in parallel, one after the other, intuitively, with just one system – Venios.NET.

Venios – The future in real time

Venios.NET – Explained in two minutes

Venios.NET brings transparency to the grid

Shifting away from controlled conventional power generation as part of the energy transition is causing an increase in volatility. At the same time, new technologies are also causing dynamically changing load behavior on the demand side. However, power grids must remain stable.

The solution is a much more fine grained monitoring and forecasting of load and generation behavior which still allows energy networks to be controlled, especially at lower network levels, without the usage of a lot of measurement technology. This is why we already developed Venios.NET when very few foresaw the need for transparency at all grid levels.

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