The benefits with Venios.NET

Venios.NET combines elements from the classic domains of grid management, grid planning and asset management. Based on Big Data technology, Venios.NET is capable of recording and processing almost unlimited volumes of data. 

In this way, Venios.NET enables state-of-the-art functions in monitoring, planning and simulation of network conditions, right through to active load management in the low and medium voltage range. Venios.NET provides real-time data for every asset, every generation plant and every consumer, and can even intervene to control them if necessary. Why is this necessary?

The rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles, heat pumps, neighborhood solutions, smart home systems and other self-sufficiency efforts means that power grids without active load balancing are at massive risk. There is a threat of curtailments. So grid operators must act. And they can. With Venios.NET.

Relief due to automation

Venios.NET comes into play where classic SCADA systems can no longer be effective on their own due to the enormous amounts of data in future smart grids. The intelligence inherent in the system allows the calculation and simulation of all conceivable scenarios for operational grid management. Maintenance and planning processes are simplified and efficiency is significantly increased.

Venios.NET recognizes flexibility as well as impending congestion. The congestion is then eliminated independently and in a highly automated manner.

Leading edge through digital twin

The heart of Venios.NET is a digital twin of the real existing grid infrastructure, which works with a hybrid approach of real real-time and model data. Venios.NET uses state-of-the-art approaches from Machine Learning and AI that continuously calculate, monitor and predict the load behavior in the energy grid.

Grid visualization

Venios.NET visualizes all topological components of the power grid. Generators, consumers, transformer stations, cable distributors, cables – in short, the entire network topology including all available technical parameters is mapped in Venios.NET in a consolidated form. Network calculations and switching operations can be interactively simulated and their effects evaluated. Network compatibility tests are carried out VDE-compliant and highly automated.

Data import and quality assurance

The merging of data from GIS, asset management and energy data management often takes place for the first time. The data import in Venios.NET runs through several plausibility checks, in which data sets are automatically checked by means of intelligence and supplemented or corrected if necessary. In this way, master data experiences an increase in quality and, if desired, is also fed back into the inventory systems for quality assurance.

Sector coupling

The efficient use of available energy potential across different sectors is an enormously important step towards achieving global climate goals. Venios.NET is already capable of displaying energy flows across sectors, identifying deployment options and balancing them on a fully automated technical level.

Enormous computing capacity + highest security standards

Our goal is simplicity. To achieve this, our focus is clearly on added value and efficiency, so that effort is reduced, risks are lowered and time is left for what is important – people. We can only meet this demand in cooperation with special partners. Through partnerships that document that we deliver reliable and sustainable solutions.

The future is coming. Venios.NET is already here

Venios solutions are a building block for intelligent, modern, cyber-secure network expansion and conversion as well as network operation, especially in low and medium voltage grids.

With Venios.NET you are prepared for the future!

Even future regulatory requirements for Redispatch 3.0 and Redispatch 4.0 can be met today with Venios.NET.

Becoming a game changer with partnerships

Critical infrastructure requires the highest security standards. However, future processes in the operation of intelligent power grids will require enormous computing capacity due to the volume of data. We assume that classic on-premise solutions will reach their limits here and will hardly be able to meet these requirements. That is why Venios has developed the world’s first private cloud for utilities in a German data center in partnership with Venios.NET uses this solution for system operation as an alternative to operating in the cloud and guarantees the strictest data protection and security guidelines.